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Learn about the 10-stage methodology that underpins our ability to help organisations succeed in the war for talent.

“Great people are the lifeblood of your business. We help you find the best people, build out-performing teams, generate value for shareholders, and importantly, achieve your mission to change the world.”



We understand your strategic challenges and translate these into fastidious search requirements. Each search begins with a thorough analysis of your organisation, team and role requirements. We unpack your needs, your strategy and challenges, then meticulously plan and define the position including the skills, knowledge and abilities required. An all-inclusive, future-focused search plan and interview strategy is key.



Once we've synthesised our conversations, we craft a candidate briefing document. In the background, we establish research criteria, benchmarks and search priorities to ensure our views of 'good' align with yours. We also get clear on target companies and on organisations that lie outside of search parameters. Creating solid foundations, we set a catch-up cadence, block out interview times, and cement engagement expectations.



To develop a sophisticated talent pool and to identify and qualify prospects, we tap into our source network. Additionally, our proprietary TalentGateway enables us to track the careers of leading global executives and we perform extensive competitor research and direct sourcing using the latest technology and business intelligence tools. This market mapping and preliminary referencing work is core to our success.



Top candidates are often gainfully employed, busy achieving strategic growth, unaware of opportunities that are posted online. This is why our outreach is personalised and is one of the most critical aspects of an executive search project. It involves contacting prospective candidates multiple times and ways, qualifying and identifying whether individuals are suitable candidates, and unearthing what can't be found through research alone. Often times, we persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities, presenting one clear proposition to the talent market on your behalf.



After rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates to identify alignment of experience, skills, knowledge, abilities, culture fit and aptitudes, we develop a short list of candidates who are well qualified and interested in the position. Only the most qualified candidates make it to this point. Informal external perspectives into performance and reputation help us enhance our knowledge and provide meaningful insight into the strength of a candidate's true track record.



We only present high calibre candidates for shortlist.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for the 'right fit' and invite short-listed candidates to partake in a robust series of assessments. Our approach integrates behavioural insights, aligns role requirements with individual experiences and attributes, and enables benchmarking of candidates to guarantee a successful match.

Each candidate is prepared for your recruitment process, and we inform you as to candidates' levels of interest and concerns along the way. We also coach your hiring teams to amplify structure and remove bias and unsystematic assessment.



We work with you through the process of making a decision to select a preferred candidate, discussing the relative strengths and weaknesses of candidates in the running and balancing this against our rigorous understanding of the market. This is a consultative process; we act as your sounding board, mapping insights against original requirements discussions, goals, strategic priorities and challenges, and reiterating the facts and observations. Allowing for adequate time during this stage of the process ensures irrational and hasty decisions aren't made. Although we don't make the decision for you, we are committed to ensuring you are confident in the decision you make.


Due Diligence

Thorough background checks and referencing are critical. These can offer even deeper insight into competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and provide validated external views of the individual (or of two finalists). At times, references act as a tie-breaker, providing context that can be layered into subsequent discussions, if required.



We assist in the negotiation discussion over salary packaging, total compensation and other terms to finalise the search.



Whilst our official search has concluded, there's important work to be done. We conduct a final review to feedback on our engagement, and importantly, follow up with the individuals who were not selected, to affirm your decision in an empathetic and human way. Individuals invest significant time into executive recruitment processes. It's vital to honour that properly and to give people the appropriate closure they require and deserve to move forward with confidence.


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