Our Why: An Open Letter

The last couple of centuries have brought about unprecedented human progress, with exponential growth in our global population and GDP.

This progress was largely driven by the Industrial Revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries, which, through centralisation and automation, made energy, food, medicine, and goods cheaper and more available than ever before. Through significant gains in productivity, as well as innovations such as vaccinations, antibiotics, and better hygiene, our life spans and quality of life increased.

Progress has not come without cost. Our methods of production and consumption, the backbone of our prosperity, have contributed to a significant increase in CO₂ emissions, leading to climate change and its adverse effects. Additionally, our longer lifespans have led to an upsurge in inflammation and diseases related to it, creating a growing need for innovative health solutions.

We believe that these challenges present untapped opportunities. We work with businesses who are in the game of creating the next leap of progress for human history, focusing on the health of our planet and the health of our population. We are devoted to addressing these twin challenges.

Advancements in life sciences, such as genetics and genomics, precision gene editing, machine learning and AI, hold the potential to revolutionise medicine by making it more personalised and effective. In climate tech, from carbon capture and storage technologies to alternative energy sources and sustainable agriculture practices, there is a world of possibilities that can help us address the effects of climate change.

As an executive search firm, our mission is to present to you the leaders who not only deliver value at the intersection of science and business, but who will drive the required transformative charge, amidst complexity, and at pace. We reshape the world, one leadership team at a time. If you are a leader ready to drive change or a business in search of such individuals, we invite you to partner with us for a forward-thinking future.

Welcome to Talent Avenue.

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